Jerusalem Route

The Jerusalem Route is a long distance trek, from the walker’s home to Jerusalem. Nevertheless, it is neither a contest nor a religious pilgrimage.
Over an extended period of about a year, the peace pilgrim focuses on meeting with people, and on discovering their history, their memories, their landscapes and geography…
The pilgrim learns to overcome his or her fears. As the road stretches ahead, the walker, pushing-pulling an orange covered cart, travels in poverty and deliberately chooses to trust and to depend on others. This reliance on the hospitality and kindness of others allows the traveller to learn, to listen and to appreciate diversity as a source of personal growth.
The pilgrim covers fifteen to twenty miles a day, and makes steady progress with the help of those he or she meets on the way: individuals, families and communities, and specially his hosts.

The bet is that young people will choose to live through this experience, and by doing so, will learn to challenge prejudice and accepted ideas, in order better to understand the reality of the world in all its complexity and contradictions.

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